In Which the Pirate Gets to the Top.

The first of the handspun socks should be done in the next day or so! I have half an inch more stockinette to knit, then two inches of ribbing. I am so excited to try this sock on and see how well it fits! The down side to knitting a toe-up sock is that after the heel, it’s impossible to try on without putting all the stitches onto waste thread. The needles just don’t give enough room to get the sock on.

Now that the first sock is almost done, I’m starting to have those little niggling apprehensions. What if it doesn’t fit? What if the socks fit, but they felt in my shoes the first time I wear them? What if they wear fine, but they’re accidentally washed? What if they don’t last very long?

I am a worry-wart, but I am doing my best to conquer that tendency. It doesn’t do me any good – the socks will be just fine, they will fit fine, they will wear fine if not as long as socks knit from yarn with some nylon content, and no one will accidentally wash them.

And they will be awesome. Absolutely amazingly fantastically handspun awesome.

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