In Which the Pirate Finishes a Sock.

The first of the handspun socks is complete!

This yarn is not nearly as stretchy as some of the commercial yarns I’ve worked with. As a result, I almost had a heart attack when I tried to put the finished sock on… and could barely get it over my heel. After a lot of panicked tugging, everything slid into place. Whew! Once it was on, it fit all right. Two or four more stitches might not have been terrible in the heel and leg. I’m sure the socks will stretch out a bit as I wear them, just like the last pair that I thought was too tight.

I’m really glad that I put the extra four stitches into the heel, or it might not fit over my instep at all! This is something I’ll have to keep in mind when knitting socks in the future.

There’s 5 grams of yarn left over, which I’m going to hang on to in case I ever need to darn a hole. Not that I’ve ever darned a sock before, but there’s something pretty special about the first socks from my own handspun yarn.

Pictures soon!

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