Pirate-Husband laughed at me when I said "After this, I'm not going to buy any more yarn until MD Sheep and Wool in May." Can I really go nine months without buying any yarn? We shall see - but that's my plan!

Opal TigerBut this was a special case (aren't they all?) This is Opal Rainforest yarn in the discontinued and hard-to-find Tiger colorway, and I've been looking for two skeins of it for over a year so that I can make matching tiger paw socks for both of us. I finally found some through an Australian Raveler who was kind enough to ship overseas for me!

My favorite animal is the mountain lion, but Pirate-Husband likes tigers better, and so I thought it would be perfect to make him socks like these. Here is a link to the original project on Ravelry. I think they're adorable!

I did tell Pirate-Husband that I have no idea when I'm going to actually get to knit these. But at least now I have the yarn, right?

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One Response to “In Which the Pirate Swears She's Done Now.”
  1. A#1 Lucky Tiger PirateHusband says:

    I think you should make me gloves *and* socks and go get your own tawny and black yarn...

    Also you sold that green stuff, doesn't that mean you can buy yarn now?