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In Which the Pirate Needs to Ply.

Well, now I have four bobbins of singles that need to be plied – the merino-silk and the Starry Night. I decided to spin only four of the eight ounces of the Starry Night, but by the end I was really enjoying it. The reason I left half of it for another time is because I want to do a comparison of how my spinning skills are advancing. In a year or so I’ll revisit it and look at the first skein next to the second. I bet it will be impressive!

BeeMiceElf - FalklandSo before I spin anything else, I’m going to ply what I have. And then what’s next? Either the blues and greens Falkland, or the Autumn colored Rambouillet. I have not spun with either of these fibers yet, but both of them seem like they would be great for sock yarn! Soft, but crisp at the same time, which will hold up well to being walked upon.

Zen Yarn Garden - Rambouillet…why yes, I do think I’m addicted to sock yarn. But I don’t think I have a problem with that. What else would I make with only four ounces of fiber that doesn’t match anything else I have? And I do love handknit socks. On the other hand, I am already thinking of a higher-yardage spinning project for some reason. The funny thing is that I’ve never knit a sweater or anything bigger than a scarf. Nothing more than about 500 yards of worsted weight. I’d sort of like to spin the yarn for a sweater, but that seems sort of monumental at the moment – both the spinning and then the knitting. Maybe I should knit a first sweater out of commercial yarn, yeah, just to get the hang of it.

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  1. Janis says:

    I’m also addicted to sock yarn, but it takes me forever to spin. I definitely want to spin up a lot more of my fiber though.

    And yes, knit a sweater. Right now. Do it do it do it! :D

    (I’m casting on for a sweater as soon as one of my commissioned projects is done.)

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