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In Which the Pirate Finally Gets to Ply.

Plying is certainly easier with the brake switched to the opposite side, but… it’s still a lot less fun than spinning singles. I’m working on the merino-silk stuff, and it’s frustrating – partly because it seems that I have to treadle with much more force to go counter-clockwise, partly because I didn’t spin the singles as evenly as I wanted to and so the plied yarn is lumpier than I want it to be, partly because it feels as though I’ve been plying for hours, the bobbin is getting full, and it looks like the bobbins of singles have just as much on them as when I began!

I’ll take pictures when it’s done and washed. Now that it gets dark so early (silly time change!) I don’t always have the chance to take pictures after work. Maybe one of my winter projects will be putting together a cheap and easy lightbox setup so that I can take good pictures even without natural sunlight.

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