In Which the Pirate Is Ready for Thanksgiving.

I’ve been holding off on knitting my handspun socks for a while, because I want to bring them to New York for Thanksgiving. They’re all stockinette with the exception of the heel and cuff, which means I will barely have to think about working on them while I’m visiting with the family. And besides, if I’m going to show off my knitting, I might as well show off my yarn-spinning skills while I’m at it! No one else in the family (besides Mom) knits, that I know of. Perhaps they will think I’m a little strange for futzing with yarn and needles during our visit, but I’m okay with that.

I don’t have a recent picture, but the first sock is completed and the second sock is just past the toe increases. I have plenty of foot to knit, and I doubt that I’ll have enough time to get up to the heel turn. Knitting goes a lot more slowly when there are twenty people to talk with at the same time, but that’s all right. I just need something to do with my hands so I don’t fidget too much.

One problem with having so many projects going on at the same time is that it seems as if I will never finish any of them. I know that it will feel that way for a while, and then I will suddenly have several finished projects all at once, which will feel pretty awesome indeed. I’m making progress, slowly but surely, five rows here and five rows there.

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