In Which the Pirate is Snowed In.

20091205snowBy 15:00 today, we had five inches of heavy, wet snow. It is so sticky that it is clinging to the sides of the trees! Unfortunately, the snow meant I had to cancel my plans to go out today. Fortunately, my house is well-stocked with food and yarn! And what better way to spend a snowed-in day than with food and yarn? To those ends, we had fried eggs and toast for breakfast, I now have bread rising in the oven, and there are socks in progress all around.

20091205snow2First off, I decided that I was going to finish the first of the Stripy Striped Socks, already. I knit the last few stripes of ribbing and then started the sewn bind-off. This is the bind-off that I always use for toe-up socks. It’s quite stretchy if you sew loosely, and makes a neat edge. About halfway through the bind-off, I ran into the same issue that other people have had with Kureyon Sock – I came to an underspun section of yarn, and it started to drift apart. At this point I may have said some unprintable words, so we’ll just skip ahead to me overtwisting the yarn, finishing the bind-off, and crossing my fingers that it won’t disintegrate when it’s washed for the first time, ’cause that would really suck.

After I’d sewn in the ends, and sworn that I will never again purchase this yarn no matter how pretty the colors may be, I went downstairs and showed the sock to Pirate-Husband. “Nice!” he exclaimed. “How does it fit?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I’m angry at it. I haven’t tried it on yet.”

“How could you knit a sock and not even try it on?” he asked, incredulous. So I did. And it fit perfectly. Hooray!

Tonight I am not going to cast on the second Stripy Striped Sock; instead I am going to work with Cascade Heritage, a much more polite and well-behaved example of what sock yarn really ought to be.

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