In Which the Pirate Greets the New Year.

quicktoeups4I was wearing my stripy handknit socks to ring in the new year. My guests admired the stripes; Nancy and I discussed the possibility of trading our work. She does gorgeous calligraphy, illumination and bookbinding… and she has tiny feet, so it might not be a bad trade at all. I think she only wears a size 5. I could probably crank out a pair of socks for her in the time it would take me to knit just one for myself.

Now that I’ve cleaned up the house and showered, I’m wearing another pair of the handknits, and my toes are warm and cozy. Having a roaring fire helps with that, too.

Michael tried on the socks that I’m knitting for him, and they fit! Hooray! I admit to being really relieved. I had nearly convinced myself that they’d be too small, but now I am no longer worried and can finish them with confidence.

Here’s to a wonderful, happy, healthy, productive, 2010 for all of us! Happy New Year!

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