In Which the Pirate is Complimented.

Today I actually left the office on my lunch break, which almost never happens. I decided to walk over to Home Goods to buy bread pans, and because it was cold outside I put on my beloved Fleep-Tops. I was fleeping the tops over when the man riding the elevator with me commented, “Those are really clever!”

“Thank you, I made them myself!” said I, and demonstrated how they fleeped. “I figure that no matter what you’re doing, you really only need three fingertips, right?”

He looked impressed and said “You have the best of both worlds with those!” Had it been a longer elevator ride, he might have asked me to make him a pair. As it was, we got down to the lobby, I grinned and wished him a nice day, and we went in opposite directions.

Totally made my day, I tell you.

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