In Which the Pirate Makes Progress.

Yesterday, while at my parents’ house watching the Cowboys lose a football game, I knit on the second of Michael’s socks and drank gin & tonic with cucumber instead of lime. About those four things:

…while at my parents’ house celebrating my birthday! We were there for both lunch and dinner, and also mid-day snacks. Mom and I talked a bit about her next project; it may be a sweater for herself! Her shawl is all fixed up and now she just needs a fancy event at which to wear it. It was a lovely day, except for

…the Cowboys losing. Well, at least they got into the playoffs this year. But man, it was like they just threw away that game. I thought Minnesota would win, but I didn’t expect it to be such a blowout.

…the second of Michael’s socks is past the gusset decreases and on into the foot. I still think that Cascade Heritage is my new favorite sock yarn; maybe that’s why the sock is going so quickly! I’m bringing it with me today to knitter-friend Veronica’s house, where I expect to make a little more progress while I catch up with the women from my old SnB.

…gin & tonic with cucumber is surprisingly good. I usually like lime. Put a thin slice of cucumber, skin and all, into the drink. Let it soak in for a few minutes; it gets better the longer it sits. At the end, it will be the best piece of cucumber you’ve ever eaten!

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