In Which the Pirate Visits Mom.

My mom had surgery this week, and I wasn’t able to be there the day of it – so I went to visit her as soon as she got home and was up for visitors. She seems to be doing pretty well, all things considered. We sat and chatted while I worked on the Handspun Sock, and she showed me a gorgeous scarf that her friend knit for her as a long-distance hug. Not just any friend, but her friend from college who taught her to knit in the first place, without whom I wouldn’t be knitting now! It’s made up of a bunch of different yarns from her stash, in a bunch of different colourways, which blend together beautifully to make something which is very much Mom’s style.

I don’t have a picture of the scarf, but I do have this picture of the nieceling wearing the Bunny Sweater that Mom knit for her! The bunny is still missing a pompom tail, but that’s all right. And now that Mom’s done knitting the kid-size sweater, she’s thinking of knitting one for herself. Does anyone have any suggestions for a structured cardigan or coat that might work? Something suitable for office-wear?

Then Mom totally made my day by asking for a pair of socks to wear with blue jeans, although in the past she’s said that she wasn’t interested in them as she tends to wear very thin nylon socks. But the gloves I made her, and the scarf from her friend, are working to change her mind. Not to mention Pirate-Husband, who chimed in to say that he’d been skeptical about handknit socks until he got a pair, and now he is all about the socks. I would be thrilled to make socks for my mom! I just need a few measurements, I told her, and then I will surprise her with when she gets the finished pair. This is going to be fun! Hey Mom, do you want plain socks? Stripey socks? Socks with a fancy stitch pattern?

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2 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Hmm, how about random variations of different shades of blue?
    And any pattern suggestions from any of you out there for a jacket type sweater that I could wear to work instead of a suit jacket would be greatly appreciated. My fingers are starting to get that knitting itch…compounded by reading one of Maggie Sefton’s knitting novels and snuggling under the fanciest creation I ever made, an afgan I knit when I first got married.

  2. Ivy says:

    My Mom was the same way–very skeptical about the whole knit sock business. I eased her in with a pair of house/slipper type socks, and then some nicer ones. Now she reminds me that she would like more every time she calls! I guess I’d call it a success, then.

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