In Which the Pirate Spins.

I timed it; it takes 40 minutes for me to spin one ounce of fiber into singles that will make a heavy fingering weight yarn when plied with the other ounce. Not too bad! I could be faster and smoother, but that will come with practice. This is the “Sea Kelp” colourway on Falkland wool from Bee Mice Elf, which I purchased from someone’s destash on Ravelry.

It’s been a cold weekend here in Virginia. Saturday was sunny, but today has been gray and drizzly and not even 50 F/10 C – that’s significantly cooler than our average for this time of year! I wore my Highwayman Armwarmers when I brought my car to get inspected this morning, but then I started thinking that it would be nice to have another pair, perhaps with a thumb gusset, in brighter spring colours. I like the dark charcoal gray of the Highwaymans (Highwaymen?) but it just doesn’t fit with the bright greens and cheerful blossoms of spring!

The singles are super-twisted, which should give me a nice bouncy yarn when I’m finished. This bobbin doesn’t look very squishy, but I let the singles rest for way too long before I plied. When the yarn is washed and thwacked against the wall, it ought to come back to life! I am excited to be close to finishing another yarn that is worth knitting with, and doubly excited because I’m going to make up my own pattern for the new armwarmers, rather than using someone else’s. If it comes out well, I will (of course) share the pattern.

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  1. Lovely stuff you’re spinning! And great idea – spring armwarmers!

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