In Which the Pirate Finishes Yarns.

This Falkland, 4.4 ounces from Bee Mice Elf, spun into 224 yards of two-ply yarn – just a little bit dense, no? I’d wanted it to be extra bouncy, so I put extra twist in. I think perhaps it was a bit much. Every so often there’s a little yarn-coil that snuck into the plying, despite all my efforts to smooth them out. Other than that, I really like the colours and the feel of the yarn, and I think I’m going to make armwarmers out of it.

Four ounces of merino-silk from Cloverleaf Farms spun up into 354 yards of two-ply yarn. I really didn’t like this fibre when I first started to spin it, but we’d gotten to be on more friendly terms towards the end of the spinning. Pirate-Husband says that the yarn has the colours of a scarab; it does have a good sheen in it from the silk content. I’m not yet sure what I’ll knit with this, but I’m sure it will be lovely when I do! A hat, perhaps? The smaller skein is from the same fibre, but it must have caught just enough of the gold to appear lighter in colour. If I use that for the brim of the hat, I bet it would look pretty neat and not out of place at all.

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  1. MG Ellington says:

    so nice. I mean that is just beautiful.

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