In Which the Pirate Has More Pictures.

These pictures are a little smaller than usual because I took them with the camera in my phone. I wasn’t expecting any of them to come out well enough to share, but some did! So here they are.

I’ve always thought Jacob sheep were cool, especially the four-horned ones. Some only have two horns, but these all have four. If I ever have a farm, I’d like to have Jacob sheep – their wool is good for spinning, they are good to eat, and horns could be useful for any number of things.

I’d consider having a couple of alpaca, too, but as they’re primarily fiber animals, they seem a little bit less useful. Alpaca meat was once considered a delicacy, but apparently no one eats it any more. They are kind of scrawny under all that hair, but they’re so cute!

Llamas are also cute, but not on my list. This particular fellow barely moved as I walked around and snapped pictures of him. It was a very hot day, and while he’d been recently shorn, I think he was enjoying the breeze from the electric fan that was aimed at him.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any good pictures of the baby Pygora goats. Now those are cute little useful animals that I wouldn’t mind having a bunch of – maybe not Pygoras specifically, but goats in general. They’re another smallish animal that gives fibre, meat and milk. I’d also consider raising quail and rabbits.

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  1. Jen says:

    don’t forget you can use milk from sheep too – great for making cheese :)

    People definitely still eat alpaca in south america – my mother had it when she was there, but i think it’s more of a delicacy now – like guinea pig – rather than an everyday meal. Still ALPACA! <3

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