This is the last yarn I'll be getting for a while, I think! It is Cascade Heritage Paints in the "Isle of Skye" colourway, and it seems like the perfect colours for Mom. I hope she doesn't mind the tinges of purple amongst the blues!

I plan to make a simple ribbed sock, 64 stitches around, since my 64-stitch socks fit her just fine. The only measurement I need to get is the length of her foot, and then I'm good to go - as soon as I finish some other projects! (Psst, Mom, can you measure your foot for me please?)

It is becoming more difficult by the day to refrain from casting on for a new project! I'm doing my best to hold out but I don't know how long I can manage...

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2 Responses to “In Which the Pirate Gets the Last of It.”
  1. Estelle says:

    This is so great - will go in tonite when I get home from work and read it all!!! thanks for letting me know about the blog

  2. Sue says:

    It's really pretty yarn!!