In Which the Pirate is Suckered Into It.

Last night I gave in to further temptation and started a new project – the second pair of Fleep-Tops, slightly larger than my pair. I struggled with my notes and the math for a little while until I realized that I was making it much more difficult than it really needed to be: mine were sized down from the smallest size, but these can be knit following the small size of the pattern. I’m using Cigar from Knitty, and then I’ll add mitten-tops a la Gnomittens.

There’s a method to my madness. I don’t need to start a new project now… but these are for Michael, and he’s visiting this weekend, so I can conveniently try them on the live model, instead of guessing at the size and hoping to get it right.

I’ve got the cuff done (right size! woo!) and now it’s on to the gussets. Hopefully I don’t have to make too many edits and adjustments. Maybe this will be something I only knit on when he’s visiting… as long as I can get them done before next February.

P.S. He didn’t sucker me into anything. It was all the yarn. I could hear it calling me from upstairs. *sigh*

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