The Tour de Fleece doesn't start for four more days, but I'm getting excited about it - perhaps overexcited. I've been looking through my fibre stash and deciding on what to spin first, in what weight, with what technique, and wondering just how much of this fluff I'll be able to get through in twenty-three days. I'm making plans, but of course those might totally fly out the window once I get started.

At the very least, I'm planning on starting with this six ounce sampler of Jacob roving from Firefly Farm. When I was in Canada in February, I admired the earflap hats with colourwork that so many people were wearing, and swore that I'd knit one for myself before next Winterlude. This pattern (link to .pdf) looks cute and interesting and would make use of the three colours of wool that I have to work with. It should be easy and quick enough to knit with only two colours per round. I also like the Norwegian Star pattern (Ravelry link), but that only calls for two colours. If the hat comes out too itchy, I could knit a lining out of a softer wool, or perhaps sew in a fleece lining. Lining the hat would make it extra-warm, which is always a bonus for me.

After that, I'm not sure what will come next. Perhaps some of the older fibre in the stash. I'd like to try chain-plying one of my yarns to keep the colour progression. There's one that I will spin up thick and quick, and one that's meant to be socks. I have more to choose from in the stash than I could possibly spin in a month, so I'm not running out to buy more fibre just yet...

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