In Which the Pirate Changes Gears.

The three Jacob colours have been skeined up, though not washed yet. I’m starting to see more of a difference between the dark and medium now that they’re off the bobbin. Whew! The white and medium gray came to 92 yards each, and the dark is 104 yards. That will be more than enough to knit a hat with yarn left over to braid onto the ends of the earflaps for an extra-adorable pigtails look. I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair short when it starts to get cold again, so I won’t be able to make any pigtails of my own.

As long as I had the skeiner out, I wound up this three-ply corriedale that I’d finished just before the Tour de Fleece began. It came to a total of 218 yards from six ounces of fiber, and I’m really pleased with the subtlety of the colours. There are two knots in the skein, which I can spit-splice when I come to them, but it was easier to make one big skein than three little ones. It’s not washed yet either, which is why it’s still so curly at the ends. I expect it to come out of the bath with lots of bounce and squoosh (that’s a technical term). Right now I have no idea what to knit with this yarn, unfortunately. Into the stash basket it will go, to await the next brilliant idea!

I’ve moved on to spinning up some Rambouillet that I purchased in a destash. It’s incredibly soft and much finer than I imagined it would be. The plan is to spin it all this fine and then chain-ply it to keep the colour progression. It looks a little bit like a tequila sunrise at the moment, don’t you think? Rambouillet on its own seems like it would be too soft and fine for socks, so I might have to come up with another type of project for it. Armwarmers? A hat? A pillow, maybe? Or I could just knit up the socks and then treat them very, very gently. That is, assuming my first effort at chain-plying isn’t a horrific failure…

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  1. Janis says:

    Lovely! I do like the colors of that rambouillet!

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