In Which the Pirate Begins Mom’s Socks.

I decided on Friday afternoon that even though I have unfinished socks on the needles, I really do like starting a new sock project on the first day of vacation. So I got to winding up the yarn for Mom’s socks. The first winding attempt came out too tightly, which always happens to me when I’m unwinding directly from the swift. I rewound it in the opposite direction, but then it came out too loosely. The third time was the charm. Maybe it’s a little tight, but since I’m going to knit with it right away, it doesn’t matter that much. The yarn-cake will lose a lot of tension after the first dozen yards are out of the centre of the ball.

“What is that noise?” Pirate-Husband called up the stairs on Friday night.. “Are you packing? We’re running late!”

I looked at the whirring swift and ball-winder. “Um… I’m… sort of packing! I’m winding yarn. Talk louder, I can’t hear you!”

“You’re winding yarn that’s coming with you, right?”

I yelled back, “It sure is! It’s the blue yarn for Mom’s socks! I just have to wind it up!”

“Well,” he shouted, “if it’s yarn that’s coming with you, that definitely counts as packing!”

Brownie points for Pirate-Husband!

I was winding this Cascade Heritage Paints in the “Isle of Skye” colourway. It’s going to become a pair of ribbed socks that’ll be both birthday and Chanukah presents for Mom (one sock for each gift!) I started knitting on Saturday morning while we were waiting for our campsite boundaries to be finalized, but helping to set up camp meant that I was only able to get about fifteen rounds of the cuff finished before we came home on Sunday afternoon. Besides, it was very hot and I was knitting very slowly.

I didn’t want to forget about the Time Traveler socks, which are about 65% done now, so I brought those with me too. I can switch off socks if I get tired of working with one. There will be plenty of down time in which I can knit, if the weather isn’t too brutal.

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  1. Beautiful blue!!! :-)

    Came over to say that I love your comment on “The Fluent Self” about ‘Enoughness’. Really put the concept of ‘being present’ into perspective for me, and may have just answered a Burning Question that’s been in my mind of late.

    Thank you & Happy Knitting! :-)

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