In Which the Pirate’s Knitting is Stalled.

While the kittens get free run of most of the house, my knitting has been banished to my room upstairs. I keep the door shut so there won’t be any curious paws and claws tearing up my stuff, but as a result it’s very stuffy in there… so I think I’ll be knitting in the living room again, and trying to train them to leave my yarn alone. Aubrey is putting on a good posture of innocence here, but I’m not fooled for an instant. She noses her way into everything you want to do.

(I’m not complaining about this too much as it’s totally adorable, but every once in a while I’d like to write an email without an insistant mewing at my feet. Mama, I can’t reach you! Mama, pay attention to me! Mama, I want petting!)

Unlike his sister, Floyd is not nearly as good at looking innocent. Most of the time I just see a little black silhouette of a kitten trotting around the house intent on mischief. If something moves, it belongs to Floyd. If something isn’t moving, it can be poked until it does. If it can be upended, knocked over or spilled, Floyd’s there to take care of it. I’m betting he’s the one who will cause the most trouble with knitting.

Fortunately, kittens sleep about 18 hours a day, so I should be able to find some time to knit when they’re passed out in a corner somewhere.

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