In Which the Pirate Considers Baby Knits.

Knitting for the impending twins might be twice as fun as knitting for just one baby! I’ve been looking through some patterns, trying to decide what to make. They’re due in late March, so sweaters in a 9-12 month size will be perfect for them to wear as it starts getting cold.

So of course I’m going through my ‘favourited’ list on Ravelry, checking out what baby items I’ve marked down. I’d like to make outfits that are almost, but not quite, matching – like using the trim colour from sweater #1 as the main colour on sweater #2, or something fun like that. Maybe little raglan sweaters with one colour for the body and another for the sleeves? What about matching Monster Butt pants? (Google Docs link to pattern with picture) Or little hats and booties sets in matching colours?

Perhaps I’ll make toys for them out of sock yarn scraps, too. Little kids are pretty rough on their toys; the nieceling actually has several of her favourite “Bunny” but she’s only aware that there’s one of them. Sock yarn should hold up to a beating, and if I use a washable stuffing, the toy might actually last a little while. Unless the beagle eats it…

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  1. Toys would be a great idea since babies grow so fast! You could do a blanket as something they would have forever, however the toys would be original and sturdy (like you said)! Here are some fun patterns…

    Please visit our online store if you need any yarn or supplies to complete your project! Aaarrgghh!!

  2. Diana Sieberg says:

    Hello Rachyl! I was clearing out my Internet “favorites” when I came across your blog. You are REALLY into knitting – that’s fabulous.

    Hey – are YOU the one who’s expecting twins? I’m dying to know!

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