In Which the Pirate Adds Two More.

After yesterday’s post I was linked to two more baby sweater patterns that have made the list of potentials!

The first is Five Fruits (Ravelry link). This is an adorable striped sweater in colours that remind me of my 1980s childhood: a Lifesavers rainbow. For anyone who doesn’t have a Ravelry account, you can see a picture of the sweater here. It has buttons running along one shoulder, to make it easy to get over a baby’s gigantic noggin without having a giant saggy neckline. And it’s knit from the top down in one piece, which means no seaming!

And the second, which might now be at the top of the running, is the Presto Chango sweater. This clever construction for a baby sweater has interchangeable front panels. When it’s all buttoned up, it looks like a pullover – but when there’s the inevitable baby mess, only the front panel needs to be changed out. And, I could try out different stitch patterns on the front panels! Two sweaters and four front panels would be come out to about eight or nine skeins of Swish Worsted, the yarn I plan to use regardless of what sweater I end up knitting.

In other news of knitting for babies, friend Angie is having her baby shower in mid-October, so it’s time to get started on her gifts! Perhaps I can crank them out on the eight hours of trainride that I have scheduled for this weekend. I’m going to the Maker Faire in New York, and I am so excited about it! Anna Hrachovec will be doing a demo there from her book of patterns for adorable knitted toys. Most cute little toys, called amigurumi, are crocheted, but she’s one of the few designers who makes patterns for knitted amigurumi.

In the world of non-baby knits, I’ve gotten a few fingers done on the first of Michael’s Fleep-Tops. Tonight I’ll finish the rest of the fingers and then this weekend he can try the glove on, without the mitten top, to be sure it fits. I’ll mark the placement of the mitten while it’s on his hand. The second glove should go a lot faster once I know my measurements and row counts are correct.

Lots of knitting for other people going on lately – the Fleeps, gifts for four separate babies, and Mom’s socks. Once these are all done, I can get back to knitting for myself! Fortunately, I know that everyone who’s getting a knitted gift from me will thoroughly appreciate the work that goes into them. Otherwise, I’d just be ordering gifts for them all, and be done with it.

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