In Which the Pirate Plans Ahead.

I have a problem with Ravelry.

No, no, wait – before you run me out of town, hear me out! This is my problem: There are so many awesome patterns available that I’d never have known about, if it weren’t for Ravelry. And if I didn’t know about them, I wouldn’t want to knit them all. But now I do know about them, and I do want to knit them all.

For example, the Oktoberfest sock. I mean, really, it’s a sock kit with a pattern that makes your socks look like glasses of beer. The kit comes with beer-coloured yarn in three different flavours, and it even has a foamy white head. How absolutely awesome is this sock? Of course I want to knit this (psst, anyone who buys me gifts, I like the “Irish Red” colourway and I’d need the large size) but even if I got it now, it might be Oktoberfest 2013 before I get to wear the socks. That doesn’t stop me from wanting it every time I see the pattern come up in one of the banner ads. (Picture is from the Holiday Yarns website.)

Here’s one I just found today: a twelve inch doll, knitted in the round, with adorable foofy hair and even a little belly button. I bet I know a three and a half year old nieceling who might like a little doll so that she can play Mommy when her twin siblings are born next spring. But I also bet I know that I can’t take on any more time-based knitting commitments in the foreseeable future. Arrgh, if only I could take a month off work to sequester myself with yarn.

So much to knit… so little time!

I did not knit at all last night. Instead I had a good conversation with Pirate-Husband while we dragged a string around on the floor for the kittens to play with. It was 100%, absolutely, incredibly worth it. They are adorable little monsters. I hope they won’t be too mad at us next weekend when we drop them off at the vet’s to be fixed. They’ll be gone from Saturday through Monday, and the house will seem so empty without them!

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  1. Stephani says:

    OMG! That doll has got to be the cutest thing ever!!!

    I have the same problem with ravelry. My queue is really, really full of patterns that I may or may not ever actually get to knit. :o)

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