In Which the Pirate Forgets.

Remember how I said I wanted Mom to try on her first sock before I got started on the second one? Yeah, forget that. I cast on for the second sock last night while Pirate-Husband and I were watching a recording of Sunday’s F1 race from Singapore. Well, he was watching; I was listening and knitting.

You see, here’s the thing about the sock. Several things, in fact…

Thing one: Everything I have knit for other people has fit them just fine, perhaps minus one hat for which I didn’t take measurements ’cause it was meant to be a surprise, and I’ve no one but myself to blame for that. Everything for which I’ve measured has fit just fine. I have no reason to think that these socks would be any different – other than fear, which is really silly. So, onwards.

Thing two: I have no time to wait. In looking over the list of projects and deadlines yesterday, I came to the happy conclusion that I can get everything done… but only if I don’t slack off on it. Mom’s sock is the only easily portable project on the list, so casting on will allow me to bring it with me and work on it while I wait for things like mechanics and allergists. I can knit most of a sock without thinking about it, unlike all of the other gifts I’m making. If I wasn’t bringing Mom’s sock around with me, I’d have to bring one of my own, and then I’d be knitting on something without a deadline while more urgent projects sat around untouched. The horrors!

Thing three: I really, really like the Cascade Heritage yarn. A lot more than I like the Cascade Fixation I’m using for Angie’s gifts. It kept looking at me from the ballwinder, saying “knit me, knit me!” How could I resist a plea like that? I couldn’t.

Thing four: I enjoy working on many projects concurrently. What’s one more?

So I cast on and knit the cuff of Mom’s Sock #2, without much interference from sleepy kittens. Pirate-Husband kept them distracted after they woke up so that I didn’t have to worry about any sneak attacks. He’s incredibly supportive of my hobby and I think he deserves some brownie points for it. (Not that it’s really such a hardship for him to play with kittens, but still.)

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