In Which the Pirate Misses the Wheel.

I haven’t spun a yard of yarn since September, and I find myself eyeing Grace (the Sonata) longingly from across the room while I’m knitting on gifts for my friends and family. Not that I begrudge the gifts, but I will have to take a day off knitting soon to spin instead.

There’s these lovely rambouillet singles, waiting to be chain-plied. I’m really curious how many yards I got from the four ounces of fiber, whether or not there will be enough for socks (whenever I get the chance to knit them up), how the colour progression will look, what the yarn will feel like after it’s washed. Also, this will be my first real try at chain-plying – not just on scraps of singles, but for an entire skein of yarn – and I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to get it right.

(Won’t it be hard to ply with your fingers crossed, Pirate? Yes, yes it will.)

It’s getting frustrating to see the singles waiting there on the lazy kate, and to not know what the finished yarn will be like! I did spin the singles fairly finely, but until I’ve plied and skeined the yarn, I won’t know if there’s enough yardage for socks. If not, it would make lovely armwarmers or a lacy little scarflette.

And there’s more, too. I want to finish up the blue and sparkles yarn, and the merino pencil roving that I began on Spin in Public Day. I want to dive into this merino top that I bought at Maker Faire. I want to try something two-ply and woolen with tweedy bits in it. I want to try new fibres and new techniques.

Oh, spinning, I miss you. Can we spend some time together soon? Please?

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  1. Janis says:

    I miss spinning too. My life seems to be too crazy, along with the kinitting obligations, to allow for it. Maybe we should get together for a spin date. :) I have some lovely stuff I want to spin up for my mom.

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