In Which the Pirate Comments.

As a designer, I love to get comments (and constructive criticism) on my patterns. It can totally make my day to see that notification pop up, and to read even the shortest of positive comments.

As a Raveler, I look almost-daily at the new patterns that have been listed and at the patterns my friends have queued or marked as favourites. I might pull up a dozen patterns a day to look at, and put some of them in my own list of favourites as well.

But I’ve noticed something recently that’s made me a little sad, and that’s the fact that I very rarely leave comments on patterns, even ones that go into my favourites or my queue. That’s not cool at all. So I’m resolving to leave more comments on patterns I like! The social aspect of Ravelry is one of its best parts, and I want to make the most use of that by letting designers know when I think a pattern is cute, clever or just plain awesome.

Will you join me?

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1 Response

  1. Calophi says:

    Hm, that is a good resolution. I should do that.

    Do you think you could get Knitting Ninja to send me a copy of her shark hat pattern? I promise that it’s for me and since Xmas is over it won’t be ruining it. =D And I will leave proper feedback where I have issues.

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