In Which the Pirate Casts Hexes.

I have been making hexagons! Lots and lots – okay, eight – hexagons so far, which I am joining together as I go, to make a baby blanket. I will need 39 total, and then I’ll crochet a border around until it’s big enough. Some people have done half-hexes to make the edges of their blankets even, but I think I will like the uneven edge that follows the shapes of the whole hexagons. Especially if I work a number of stripes for the border. I’ll have to see how quickly it goes; maybe I’ll do one single crochet stripe of each of the seven colours.

Making hexagons is ridiculously fun. I’m especially enjoying the part where I join them together as I go, and the part where there are no ends to be woven in afterwards, because they’re just worked in. Why did it take me so long to pick up a crochet hook? This is great!

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1 Response

  1. sarah says:

    sweet deal! which pattern are you using, or did you use a short tutorial to piece them together? that blanket is going to be too cute!

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