In Which the Pirate Crochets More.

For the Hexagon Blanket, I’m using this tutorial from Attic24. It is so clearly written, and has clear close-up pictures that so perfectly illustrate how the stitches go, that I’ve had no problem at all figuring out what I’m doing. The Ravelry entry for the pattern is here, in case you’d like to see the other thousand blankets that people have made. They are gorgeous!

One of the things that I’m really enjoying about crocheting a baby blanket is the riot of colours. Okay, so I didn’t choose the most riotous of colours, and I only have seven to work with as opposed to the rainbow that you see over at Attic24. (She takes marvelous pictures, doesn’t she?)

Originally, I hadn’t planned to plan. I figured I’d just make each hexagon as I went along, and try not to get two similar ones too close together. However, I am at heart a planning sort of person, and so I made up this rough and imperfect diagram in Photoshop. Also, I am convinced that I will colour myself into a corner if I have no plan. And I want to make this blanket with no two hexes identical. Well, maybe two that are the same, so that when the baby gets a little older, he can have fun trying to find which two are alike! I’ve gotten a good start on colouring in the chart already, but I’m going to leave the uncoloured one up here and just show the progress on the blanket as it goes along.

I may also be unable to resist making a neater diagram for potential future blankets. This crocheting thing is pretty awesome indeed.

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2 Responses

  1. Calophi says:

    I have a ton of acrylic that I keep saying I’ll turn into a scrap-ghan like this, but I never get around to doing it because I actually use a lot of that acrylic for things like amigurumi and kitty toys. XD

    • Yassine says:

      Hi Kathryn, Yes, that is what tends to happen with my yarn perojcts, too. If they sit too long, they must be frogged. The problem is that it would be hard to frog this blanket and I do agree that it is really pretty. Every time I lay it out to look at it, I really like it. I just have to will myself to finish it! I joined the group, One a Day, on Ravelry and I am hoping that will spur me to make progress one block a day (at least). Thanks for the encouragement! Misty

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