The thought of sewing up a million (okay, 39) hexagons after crocheting them all had me a little... what's the word? Not "nervous", not "anxious". Not "unhappy". What about "dreading"? Yes, I was dreading the idea of connecting up all the hexagons, whether I sewed or crocheted them together. So I decided to just attach them as I finished each one, thereby dooming the project to complete importability but also making it a lot easier on myself, at least mentally.

I'd solved the problems of potential duplicate hexagons and under- or over-utilizing one colour or another by making up a chart (which is completely filled in now, and looks delightfully random even though it's not entirely), and attaching as I go takes care of the problem of having to find one of thirty-nine hexes in a giant pile to crochet into the right place.

It takes much less thinking to follow along with the chart. I'm enjoying the "much less thinking" right now as my brain seems to have taken a vacation. We're very slowly getting used to life without Aubrey, but I'm still grieving and I know that's affecting my thinking processes, so simplifying my work as much as possible is definitely a good thing for the moment.

Twelve! Twelve hexes, ha ha ha haaa!

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