In Which the Pirate Continues Feline Friday.

I apologize for the lack of knitting (fibre, crochet, spinning) content. There should be more of it shortly. Meanwhile, have some cats!

Kipling is a solid cat. He doesn’t carry any extra weight at all; he’s just muscled velvet. If he’d let me, I’d pick him up and snoogle the stuffing out of him – but he is not at all fond of being picked up, much less held and snoogled. Pirate-Husband and I are trying to get him more comfortable with his feet leaving the ground. We pick him up and hold him until he stops fighting, then let him go and tell him he’s a good boy. Already he’s a lot better with it. We’re socializing him in other ways, as well – he doesn’t leap out of his fur when someone sneezes anymore. Now, if he’d only learn not to dash in front of people’s feet while they’re walking, he wouldn’t get accidentally kicked!

Floyd, on the other hand, is a little on the softer side. When Aubrey was sick he gained weight from wolfing down her high-fat food, but now he’s becoming more sculpted. Having someone to run around with all day is helping him, but he’s still walking around with a bit extra, as if his skin is just slightly too big for his body. Fortunately, he doesn’t put up a fight when he’s picked up and held. He knows it’s really no use; we’re bigger than he is and we’re going to do Mean and Evil things to him if we want. Mean, like trimming his death-razor claws. Evil, like cleaning his ears. Yes, we’re so horrible to him, aren’t we?

This week was Floyd’s first birthday! We celebrated by… well, we didn’t really celebrate much, but we did give him extra headscritches. Later that night he danced a jig on my ribs while I was sleeping and got unceremoniously tossed from the bed.

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  1. Karen says:

    I have to do those mean and evil things to my dogs. The standard poodle always looks embarrassed when we do any of his personal maintenance.

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