In Which the Pirate Gets Back To It.

The first (the purple one) of the Presto Chango sweaters for my new twin niecelets is almost done; I’m about halfway through the second of the front panels, and I hope to carve out the time to finish it up this evening after work, a visit to the allergist, and exercise. Then I just have to hunt around for small cute buttons!

This past weekend, I took the opportunity of being on a train to get started on the second (the pink one) of the sweaters. It may just be my imagination, but the pink yarn seems to feel a little bit nicer through my fingers than the purple yarn did – less plastic-ish and much more like the wool it is. I knit steadily up the back of the sweater on the first 4.5 hour ride, but was so tired while riding home that I didn’t even feel up to knitting the simple stockinette. Instead, I alternately dozed and watched the scenery change from suburbs to city to suburbs to trees, on to old industrial buildings and boarded-up row houses, and eventually to new construction and Washington DC.

Drat! I forgot to take a picture of my progress on the train. Instead, here’s a picture of the twin niecelets! As you can see, they’re fraternal twins and pretty easy to tell apart, once you know who’s who. The corner of knit blanket that you can see wrapped around Thing One at the bottom left is my mom’s handiwork. Nice knitting, mom!

I have a pretty awesome red paisley bag that Pirate-Husband’s mom bought me for my birthday a few years ago. Perhaps I should shove the twins’ sweaters into it and start carrying it around with me everywhere I go? I don’t knit very fast, so maybe the trick of getting my projects finished in a timely manner will be to get in the habit of knitting more frequently. I did just buy a new everyday purse, since the one I’d been carrying around developed a tear in the lining, and it has plenty of room for a sock in progress.

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2 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    The twins are adorable. I agree, you should pop those sweaters into the bag and take them everywhere and knit whenever you have minute. Those girls will grow faster than you will believe.

    • Pirate says:

      Fortunately, I’m knitting the 12 month size! I had planned for the twins to be wearing their sweaters this coming winter. It’s going to be 80 degrees here today, certainly not wool sweater weather! :)

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