In Which the Pirate Provides a Feline Friday.

Combining bath-time with yoga leads to funny pictures of cats!

Now that Kipling is eating better food at a reasonable pace (instead of wolfing down entire cans and then puking), he seems to be getting healthier. He’s at a better weight now, still slender but not too thin anymore. Some Bengals have a genetic trait which causes their fur to have a metallic glitter, especially in sunlight. At first we thought Kipling didn’t have this trait, but in the past couple of weeks he’s really started to develop the “glitter” in his coat. Those bright spots aren’t image compression artifacts, but a glistening cat.

Since Floyd is so difficult to photograph, I took a video of him this time. He had a lot to say! I love how he’s just a little black silhouette of a cat punctuated with green eyes and a pink-and-white mouth. We have these conversations frequently, though I often mistranslate what he’s trying to tell me.


“What’s that, Floyd? You want me to pick you up and give you a bellyrub? Well, okay, if you insist.”


Yes, he is usually lashing his tail like that, even when he’s curled up in my lap and purring. The tail rarely stops, and neither does the meowing (or squawking, or chirruping, or mewing, or grunting, any of the other sounds Floyd can produce).

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  1. Karen says:

    I see Kipling is quite flexible:) I think I would enjoy yoga more if I could get my foot behind my head.
    Floyd is so shiny! What beautiful fur he has. I love the tail swish too.

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