In Which the Pirate Presents a Feline Friday.

The cats have been pretty freaked out by the springtime work going on. Since last weekend there have been strange noises which echo through the house. Did you know that when you let a thirty-two foot ladder fall the last few feet against a log house, the whole house rings like a drum? Or that when you’re prying a board out of the deck, the whole living room vibrates? Floyd knows that… and that’s why I have no picture of him this week. He’s been mostly hiding under the bed during the day, coming out only to express his displeasure. At night he’s been doing much better at sleeping on the bed with us. Two out of three nights, he curls up next to me or at my feet and doesn’t make trouble. Don’t ask about the third night; that’s when he gets unceremoniously tossed from the bedroom.

Surprisingly, Kipling has been much more chill about the work noise. He watched us install the new storm door with curiosity and didn’t make any real efforts to go through it into the Big Room With No Walls. In the evenings he likes to lie on top of the couch, from which he can keep an eye on almost the entire main floor of the house. Sometimes he shows interest in whatever tv show we’re watching, and sometimes his surveillance is interrupted by a nap. Apologies for the poor picture quality; it was a little too dark when I took this picture, but I knew if I got up to turn on more lights, I’d lose the shot – and this one was too good to miss.

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2 Responses

  1. Butterfly says:

    He looks like he’s having some very happy dreams!

  2. Karen says:

    Kipling is a wise cat. Supervising is always better than doing the work.

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