In Which the Pirate Provides Feline Friday.

Kipling’s just happy to be next to me.

Floyd really wanted to be next to me last night, too, but he was so hyper that he couldn’t sit still. He ran ahead of me as I went around the house, trying to guess where I’d go next – this door? that room? and sat on the kitchen stool next to mine when I ate dinner. I went up the stairs, he dashed up the stairs. I went down the stairs, he leapt down three stairs at a time. So although I’d planned to sit in my room and knit, I decided instead that I’d sit on the couch and give him some attention.

What happened next was absolutely impossible to photograph, so imagine a small black blur of fur excitedly jumping from the arm of the couch to my lap, dancing in place, leaping to the other arm of the couch, and back again. After about twenty minutes of this he curled up on my lap and eventually fell asleep sprawled out with his front legs stretched way out in front of him. He might be a little jerk, but I think he does like me… in his own inimitable fashion.

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