In Which the Pirate’s Cats are Funny.

Happy Feline Friday!

I’m not sure what they find so interesting about the collection of XBox games and the Scrabble set. Lacking opposable thumbs and a capacity to learn more than a few words along the lines of “dinnertime,” “off the table,” and “out! now!” they can’t possibly have any interest in either of those things. Right? I hope? I can’t imagine that playing Scrabble against a cat would be much of a challenge. The only words my two know are meow, mew, myeh, prrrt, ook, and a long, drawn-out rooooooo sound.

Ah, it wasn’t my games but some impertinent squirrel they’re after. I haven’t been able to catch Kipling chattering on video yet, but I keep trying. The squirrels wriggle their tails at him or a brave bird comes right up to the window; he gets so excited that he starts to whine and chatter. Bengals aren’t the only cats who chatter – I found an interesting article explaining what it’s all about. It has a video at the bottom if you want to hear what it sounds like! Cats make the funniest noises…

We did find a pink harness for Floyd to wear, along with a retractable leash. The problem now is that he seems to be terrified of being outside. When we bring him out, he meows nonstop until we let him back in. He does explore a little and I think he will eventually get used to being in the Big Room With No Walls, especially if we bring some treats out for him. The great thing about taking him outside is that for the remainder of the day he’s calm and affectionate. Maybe he just needs to be reminded that he’s not the biggest cat in the world? He only weighs about eight pounds, but he definitely thinks he’s King Cat.

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  1. Jen says:

    all my cats have chittered at birds, but binka is hilarious – when she was a kitten she did the chittering noise but REALLY REALLY softly. then i realised she was stalking a fly. she had made the noise match the size of her ‘bird’!

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