In Which the Pirate Finishes.

The blanket is finally, finally finished! I crocheted like a madwoman through yesterday afternoon and into the night. This morning I worked the last edge of the border and did a crazy dance throughout the house shouting “It’s done, it’s done! I’ve done it!” And just in time, too – thanks to my incredible speed when I’m crocheting under pressure, I’ll be able to give the blanket to friend Gwen at her “welcome baby” party this afternoon. Perhaps that was cutting it a little close, huh.

Now to apply that sort of dedication to the pink sweater…

I guess it’s Caturday instead of Feline Friday, but here’s your weekly dose of the Dangerous Duo. They’ve been very patiently waiting outside the door for me to finish up the hexagon blanket so I can go out into the hallway and pet them; I think they were disappointed when I pointed a camera at them instead.

The latest adventure of these crazy cats involved an obstacle course around the bedroom at 01:30 this morning. I’m not sure which cat it was, but one of them kicked over a none-too-steady laptop table when he leaped off it. The table fell into a standing lamp, which in turn fell onto our laundry basket and shattered. Phooey! I liked that lamp. Pirate-Husband and I weren’t exactly thrilled to be cleaning up tiny shards of broken glass at that hour. I’ll have to see if I can find a replacement glass for the lamp. Amazingly, the lightbulb didn’t break!

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  1. Margo says:

    Great job for your first crochet project.

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