In Which the Pirate Finishes Two Sweaters.

At this point, there isn’t much left to say about these sweaters, is there? When Dave and Sam announced that they were expecting twins, I knew that I’d be knitting matching sweaters for my niecelets. I didn’t expect the sweaters to put me off knitting for a few months, or that they’d make me swear off knitting for babies altogether. Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets about taking on the double project (making two little sweaters is really nothing next to Sam’s work in making two little babies) but I think I’ve concluded that knitting to deadlines is the sort of thing that takes all the fun out of my favourite hobby. I could also blame the cats, for making it much more difficult for me to knit in the living room – but that would be wrong of me.

But anyway, here are the sweaters! Both were knit from KnitPicks Swish Worsted, in the Carnation and Amethyst Heather colourways. I appreciate that the yarn is washable, and that’s why I chose it, but I really didn’t like the feel of it at all. It had a plastic-y feeling almost like acrylic. Maybe it was my hurried knitting but I also found the yarn to be on the splitty side. I have some left and maybe I’ll use it for crocheted toys or something, but I can’t see buying this stuff again.

Speaking of crocheting! I sewed the purple sweater’s seams, but for the pink sweater I did a slip-stitch seam and I loved it. I can’t say it went much faster than sewing, but it gives a neat edge. The best part about crocheting the seams was not having to measure out a length of yarn. I always seem to get that wrong…

Pirate-Husband went out and found the buttons at the last minute. We measured the buttonholes using random buttons in the sewing box, and then he bought these adorable animal buttons at JoAnn. It’s impossible, he says, to find ten or twenty matching buttons… but I think these are even better than matching. I finished sewing them on about three minutes before leaving to see the family and hand the sweaters over – and then I begged my brother to take pictures and send them to me. So he gets the credit for the three pictures in this post.

Here’s the nieceling, who is starting to like her new gig as “Big Sister.” Now that the twins are more than just crying lumps of baby, she is really enjoying making them smile and laugh. In a couple of years, she’s going to be the ringleader of a dangerous trio!

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5 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    The sweaters are lovely! I know exactly what you mean about knitting to a deadline sucking the joy out of.
    Your niece is adorable. I bet she’s a great big sister.

    • Pirate says:

      I might (MIGHT!), if a particular baby project is too tempting to resist, consider knitting it for no baby at all, and just having it in a box ready to give if someone happens to announce a pregnancy. :)

  2. Calophi says:

    Plastic-y? I’ve never had that problem with swish! Made a bunch of gloves out of the DK, and a pair of socks out of the worsted, and it felt fine to me!

    I’d wash a swatch of it though before you gift these items, because a lot of the comments on the yarn on ravelry say it isn’t REALLY that washable and it pills a lot.

    • Pirate says:

      Too late, it’s already given :)

      Yeah, I didn’t really like the feel of the Swish at all. (Maybe I’d like it better if I were crocheting instead of knitting, I donno!) Yarn preference is such a subjective thing, isn’t it? I know some people who love knitting with cotton, and I can’t stand it.

      • Calophi says:

        I only like knitting with some cottons, and only on very sharp metal needles. Otherwise it doesn’t slide easily and it’s too hard to knit with. I did a shawl recently with it and it wasn’t too bad because it was high quality cotton so it didn’t hurt my hands.

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