In Which the Pirate is Addicted.

Right after I finished the first washcloth, I began crocheting a second. This time I used the Bumpy Not Lumpy pattern, which can be found for free here, and Sugar ‘n Cream yarn in “Faded Denim,” which is three shades of blue. I was hoping for an argyle pattern to work its way up, but I got zigzags instead – or maybe they’re little fluffy clouds in a blue sky. Either way, I quite like it, and I like the pattern a lot too. It was easy to memorize, being the same thing on every row, but it gave a good texture that will be just right for face-washing. I could easily see making this one again.

A set of colour-coordinated washcloths would make a great housewarming gift – or, hey, a baby gift in case my “never making anything for babies again” resolution needs to be retracted. I do like giving handmade gifts, but it would absolutely be wiser to give something that I could make in a few evenings as opposed to a project that takes over a few months. (On that note, I wonder if a crocheted baby sweater would take a week of evenings instead of months, as well. Maybe I can still make presents after all.)

Monday was a rough day. I was in a car accident about a month ago and have finally admitted that my back hurts and isn’t going to get better on its own. After I dropped my poor dinged-up car off at the shop and picked up my rental, I had about an hour of free time before an appointment with the chiropractor. Unintentional yarn therapy ensued at both Michael’s and Jo-Ann, both of which were only minutes away from the doctor’s office. I bought a packet of split stitch markers, Patons Kroy FX Sock in the perfect ‘me’ colours, a ball of navy sock yarn to be used for cuffs, heels and toes on another pair of socks, and three more balls of Sugar ‘n Cream. My picks were two ombre colourways and one in a solid blue. There were a few other colours that I liked, but I’ll hold off on buying them until I know if this washcloth thing is just a passing phase. Sock knitting isn’t a passing phase, I’m sure of that. When I showed the Kroy FX to Pirate-Husband, his comment was that they were most definitely a Piratey colour. Bluesy-greens and a nice transition from one colour to the next? Aw yeah. (I almost bought the colourway that looks like a faded rainbow, too instead. These won out by a tiny margin.)

When I got home, the only thing I really felt up to doing was sitting down, and so I finished off my second washcloth in the evening. Whether it was because this pattern is easier with only one row to remember, or because I’m just better at crocheting now, or because I had nothing else to do, I feel like I whipped this one off before I hardly knew it had begun.

Monday night found me procrastinating on going to bed looking through the Ravelry Library yet again to find a third pattern that I liked, so that I could get started right away on using some of my new yarn. The ombre colourways of Sugar ‘n Cream are now coming in 150 yard balls instead of 95. This is a good thing, because that blue washcloth could have done with two or three more rows. It was almost one row taller, but when I did the final row of single crochet I was three stitches short on yarn. I ripped it back and ended up with a cloth that’s 10.5 by 11 inches, which is a pretty good size overall, but I do wish I could have made it square. The larger put-up of the new yarn will be helpful.

It is sometimes difficult to take pictures of one’s work…

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  1. sarah says:

    i’ve found that crocheting with variegated yarn will usually result in a zigzag-ish pattern, though i did use one colorway that went from a dusty lavendar to a dusty forest green to a dusty cornflower blue color that came out very argyle-like. i gave the set i made with that yarn to my mom. i need to try to find it again, it was pretty! yay for crochet washcloths! :-D i use them in the kitchen, mostly.

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