In Which the Pirate Goes for a Third.

This has been a very slow week for me, thanks to my achy back. Limiting the physical activities I can do makes me fidgety, so I’ve been crocheting a lot. As soon as I finished the blue washcloth, I got started on a third, using this free Woven Stitch Dishcloth pattern and the “Earth Ombres” colourway of Sugar ‘n Cream which I had picked up at Jo-Ann on Monday.

Then, disaster! (Well, not really, but it sounds better that way.) I missed a stitch only a few rows in, which was throwing everything off… and I didn’t catch the mistake until much later, when I was looking back at my work and thinking “Hm, it seems to step in on the side there, and these stitches aren’t lining up the way they ought to.” Perfectionism won out over laziness, and I ripped all the way back to the mistake to begin again, knowing that it wouldn’t take too long to redo the work. Probably no one would have noticed, especially if I put an edging on the cloth, but I would have known and it would have bothered me. Besides, the cloth was working up into the perfect argyle pattern, and I wanted to keep the right stitch count so the pattern would keep going smoothly. By Thursday night I had recovered the work I lost and then some.

Happy Feline Friday! As the weather gets colder, Floyd and Kipling can often be found one on top of the other, or tangled together. They’re just so adorable! We’ve started calling them the Dynamic Duo – Floyd is Batman, naturally, leaving Kipling to be the Boy Blunder. For all that he appears to be a sleek graceful jungle cat, he’s actually kind of clumsy. The other day he tried to jump up onto the garbage can just as I was opening the lid, and oh, the look on his face as he missed and fell backwards onto the floor. He has startled himself off perches, fallen from the hallway railing, and tripped over his own paws. Of course, I love him anyway.

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2 Responses

  1. Margo says:

    Sounds like you are enjoying your new yarn craft. Crochet is great for instant gratification and “disasters” are so much easier to deal with than knitting.

    • Pirate says:

      I really am! The simplicity of washcloths combined with how fast I can make one is exactly what I need right now. :)

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