In Which the Pirate Dances Along.

Progress on the Dancing Cranes stole comes in fits and spurts. I neglected it over the holidays and came back to it with a vengeance in the last few days – this picture is already several rows out of date!

Each 300-stitch row takes me about half an hour, so it feels like a real commitment to make myself sit down and work on it. I don’t like stopping partway through a row. But once I get started, I want to keep going for hours! “Just one more row…” has kept me up past my bedtime more nights than I want to admit. I like the yarn (even if it sheds a bit while I’m working with it) and I’m really enjoying watching the pattern form. It’s not a very complex lace pattern at all, and I’ve gotten it in my head firmly enough now that I can put on music or YouTube videos while I work. When I first started, I wanted total silence and concentration, but now some background noise is fine.

Each 28-row repeat will use up about one ball of the yarn. The pattern calls for three repeats and I have four balls of yarn, but I probably won’t make a decision about doing the fourth repeat until I’m closer to being finished and I can see what size the stole is coming out to be. If I decide to stop at three repeats, I have the thought to pick a lace stitch and an edging from one of the dictionaries and make up a one-skein decorative scarf (a scarflet?) to wear at work.

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