In Which the Pirate Makes It Up.

At first I couldn’t decide what to knit on the plane. While I was thinking about it I took out the leftover Tonalita and idly knit fifteen rounds of ribbing, then some stockinette, then started to increase for a gusset. I just sort of made them up as I went along, and I wrote down everything I’d done so that I could have some hope of making a second armwarmer just like the first one.

By the end of the flight I’d gotten up to the part where I would set aside stitches for the thumb, decided that I wouldn’t make individual fingers on these due to the thickness of the yarn, and written down what I think will be the rest of the pattern. I could probably finish the first one in less than an hour, and the second one will take about two hours to knock out.

If I were being more picky about the “as I go along” armwarmers, I would put four more stitches into the ribbing to make it easier to get over my hand, even though it’s the right size for my scrawny wrist. I’d spread out the gusset increases over a few more rounds, because I reached the target number of stitches before I’d reached the base of my thumb. But I’m not being picky, because they’ll look totally fine, and I have no plans to write up or publish this pattern.

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