In Which the Pirate Buys Nothing.

Yesterday I visited Woolwinders with Janis and Sam, and although there were quite a few tempting yarns, I flexed my willpower and bought nothing at all. I’m saving my yarn-buying for Maryland Sheep and Wool, just under seven weeks away.

It’s interesting to see how my tastes in yarns and colours have changed since I first started knitting. I’m still drawn to many of the same colours and colourways: purple and green together, teal blues and greens, heavily variegated hand-dyed yarns. But those aren’t really the colours I wear anymore. I tend much more towards the earthy colours now, the greens and rusty browns, tweeds and heathers. I’ve never been able to wear oranges or yellows, but I love rusty fall colours. I used to prefer a variegated worsted weight or even heavier for scarves and hats; now I’m leaning towards lighter yarns and stranded colourwork.

It’s also interesting to see the different yarns that the stores carry now. Woolwinders used to have an entire row of sock yarn; now they have one or two cubbies of it, and some other sock-weight yarn scattered throughout the store. There was a lot of cotton, which I ignored. They had no Noro Kureyon – not that I need any, but I do love looking at the colours – but they did have a fair selection of tweeds and heathery yarns which really tempted me. I spent some time considering a skein of Cascade 220 Superwash for a hat, but decided to hold off for now. I have so much yarn at home, I really can’t justify buying more right now!

Photo is from Woolwinders’ website.

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2 Responses

  1. I am trying so hard not to shop for yarn, with the Homespun Yarn Party and MD Sheep and Wool I know I am going to spend a pretty penny! But every time I say I wont, I find an excuse as to why I should. I wish I had your will power!

    As for colors, my tastes are always all over the place. But when I first started knitting I made things with more earthy colors because I felt safe. As time has gone by is like I have a color explosion going on in my stash.

    • Pirate says:

      Hey, Chica!

      It’s not always easy to have this kind of willpower. Fortunately right now I have a bunch of projects on the needles and I’ve sworn that I can’t start anything new until I’ve finished them, which helps keep me from buying new yarn.

      Earthy colours do feel safe, but sometimes I like the ones that look like a parrot explosion! :)

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