Finally, this sock that's been traveling around with me since Thanksgiving is finished. (Now I have to knit its mate. Such is the way of socks.) I wanted to do a toe-up sock, but the usual short-row heels don't fit entirely right, so I went looking for different methods. This pattern from Wendy Johnson has a gusset and an interesting heel shape. It fits pretty well, though I'm not sure about the thick stripes on the heel section. This pattern would probably look better with a semi-solid or variegated yarn. I made the socks quite tall - almost too tall, as the ribbed cuff is stretching to fit over the bottom of my calf muscle. Once they're washed they'll probably be just perfect.

I used a figure-eight toe with sixteen loops, which has worked well, but on my next toe-up socks I'm going to experiment and try fourteen loops for a slightly longer toe with a wee bit more tapering. One change I made to the pattern was to extend the length of the gusset, and I'm glad I did. I snuck in six extra rounds during the gusset increases to accommodate my extra-long feet. The socks would have been too short otherwise, and probably too tight over the instep. I'm glad it worked out well; I would have been grumpy if they hadn't fit right and I had to rip out the whole heel and gusset section!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the sock perched in the redbud tree. This is the only one in my yard, but I see them everywhere and I love them. Maybe this year I'll take some cuttings from my tree and try rooting them! Having a line of redbuds in the yard would be beautiful. I could alternate them with forsythia for the best spring colour ever. We're supposed to have nice weather this weekend; perhaps I'll put in some time outside working on the flowerbeds... when I'm not working on the second sock. I'd like to go for a walk too, or maybe get back on the bike. Lots to do!

Spring on the mountain is just so pretty.

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