In Which the Pirate Buys.

I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday that took me right by a Jo-ann, and so of course I stopped in, and of course I had a 50% off coupon with me, and of course I had to buy some sock yarn. Darn it. The Kroy line has such good colourways!

On Saturday I went to MD Sheep and Wool intending to buy only one or two things, and I was able to keep to that goal. I wandered around for much of the day without buying anything. When I was about ready to head home, I walked past the Fold’s booth and was surprised to find it empty-ish… and doubly surprised to find a skein of Socks that Rock that I wanted to bring home with me. It’s called “Smokey Mountain Morn,” and looks very much like the view from my front window on a foggy day.

Then I was convinced to buy this rainbow-y braid of superfine merino from Woolgatherings. I don’t yet know what I’m going to make with it, but it sure is pretty!

I took lots more pictures of the festival and will be sharing them throughout the week. Hooray for the new camera!

4 Responses

  1. Pumpkin says:

    I feel like everyone I know had a chance to go to the MD sheep and wool festival but me (pouts). But I’m really excited to hear about everyone’s experiences there. I love, love, love that colorway of socks that rock. I need to try that stuff out someday, it looks divine! That merino roving looks fantastic as well, looks like you have some great projects ahead of you!

    • Pirate says:

      Socks that Rock is a delightful squishy, sproingy, soft sock yarn that holds up really well. I manage to resist most of it by firmly repeating, “This will not make identical twin socks. This will spiral funny.” But now that I know about the afterthought heel, it’s harder and harder to resist. Especially when the colour is so perfect!

  2. All of your yarn finds are great. I especially love the Socks that Rock!

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