In Which the Pirate Looks Around.

The riot of colour and texture at any Sheep and Wool festival is just beautiful. My thought was that taking a lot of pictures would have to be a substitute for buying all the things. At least this way get to take a little bit of them home with me.

Baskets of roving…

Overdyed BFL…

Shelves of combed top…

Bags and bags and bags of fleece…

Piles of yarn…

The camera doesn’t even begin to capture how bright and saturated that yellow-green is.

And of course, it’s Friday, so here’s one who did come home with me, my best laundry helper ever. At least, he claims to be helping. Who wants clothes without fur on them, anyway?

5 Responses

  1. Jessica says:

    All of that yarn and fiber makes me jealous that you got to go.

    It took me a good bit to spot Kipling there in your laundry.

    And you’re right, who doesn’t want cat fur on their clothes?

    • Pirate says:

      It took me a while too! When I first came in the room I didn’t see him at all; when he stretched and yawned I thought “hey, the laundry is moving!” I tried to get a series of shots zooming in on him, but this one came out better than the others. :)

      • Jessica says:

        Even if it’s form a distance, it’s still a great shot, and very cute.

  2. Pumpkin says:

    All that fleece! It is like wonderland for a spinner! How did you not come back having bought all the yarn and fiber you could carry? That is what I call restraint!

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