In Which the Pirate Presents Feline Friday.

He is the most ridiculous cat.

Life is pretty crazy right now. I still have a job, but my salary has been cut by a lot and so I’m looking for new work. I got sick last week; the going theory (still waiting for the test results from the bloodwork) is Lyme disease, and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I have very little energy and my brain isn’t working right.

Also: lightning took out my cable modem and cablebox, which have been replaced, but the surge blew out something in the TV, so now I have to repair or replace that. My phone’s power button stopped doing anything at all, but that was only an annoyance for a few days until I got a new one sent to me, which I’ve wasted all morning re-configuring.

I’m optimistic, though! I’m polishing up my resume and I’m hopeful that I’ll find something new soon. I have antibiotics to take care of being sick, and I can’t wait to feel better. The phone was replaced quickly enough thanks to the protection plan, and if Panasonic won’t repair the tv then I can make a claim on my homeowner’s policy, so that should be taken care of as well.

And while I haven’t been spinning daily for the Tour de Fleece, I *have* gotten *some* spinning in. So that’s good!

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2 Responses

  1. Margo says:

    Sorry about your run of bad luck. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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