In Which the Pirate Comes Home.

After the camp at Pennsic was set up, it was time to start knitting! I got out the Traveling Sock, only a few stripes from the heel, and… couldn’t find the pattern. The one with my notes on it from the first sock. The one without which I’m going to have some trouble making the second sock just like the first. Fortunately, I wrote down what I did in my post about the first sock, and that should help me out – but I didn’t have net access for it while I was at War.

So, without taking much time to worry about it, I thanked myself for having brought another skein of sock yarn, and over the course of the week knit the first sock and got a good start on the leg of the second! I’m using my own Cakewalk pattern, making it for myself for the first time!

The yarn is from Periwinkle Sheep, and I bought it last fall at Rhinebeck. I had a good time explaining to my friends how I buy souvenir yarn now, rather than stash-enhancing yarn, and then when I knit it I remember when and where I bought it… and when I wear it, I remember the knitting too!

The colourway is called “Grass in a Crack in the Sidewalk,” and as a result, my usual background of the rocks in my yard wasn’t the best. The tan rocks that were collected for the fishond give a better contrast.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this yarn. I found a few spots where the plies had become separated, and two of the strands had pulled so far out that it was impossible to work them back in. I’m sure it was my fault; it either happened when I wound the yarn into a cake or during its travels to the War. In any case, I folded them down and knit them in, almost like holding the yarn double, and I can’t find the spot now where I did it.

Can’t wait for these to be done – along with the Traveling Socks – so I can have warm feet this winter!

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