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In Which the Pirate Has a Secret.

Now, I know some of my Tygershark crew-mates read this blog, and I know how quickly word gets around, so I’m only going to say this: I bought the yarn for a secret project. I’m not going to say who it’s for – but the yarn is black, with real (!) silver plied into it, and that should give a big enough hint to those who know. I’m not going to say what the project will be or when I’m going to be able to knit it up, because at the rate things are going it might be two years before I get the chance. But I bought the yarn, and I have a plan for it.

While I was at it, I bought some solid Cascade Heritage sock yarn in navy, which I will need for heels and toes on at least three different pairs of socks which are coming from short-yardage balls, and in white, which I will need for the heels and toes on my tiger-striped socks. And, because I’m a sucker for Cascade Heritage is my favourite sock yarn, and because one more skein of yarn would push me over into the 20% discount territory and therefore make everything cost less than if I didn’t buy it, I got a skein of Heritage Paints too.

I could not resist that colourway. It’s called “Olympic Forest” (Can they use the forbidden “O” word? Will they be sued by the IOC? Will this be a limited-edition run of a colourway name, or is it okay now that the Games are over?) and it is so very me. Now, I just have to carve out some serious knitting time… more on that tomorrow.

(Pictures are from WEBS, since I don’t yet have the yarn.)

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