In Which the Pirate Gets Lacy.

I have just two months left to finish the Dancing Cranes stole, and so I snuck away from the cats to a quiet place where I could work on it. I’m starting to feel some anxiety about getting it done in time, so I’m planning to dedicate a portion of every evening to work on it until it’s done. I don’t want to be putting it out to block the night before I’m supposed to wear it!

Halfway through the second pattern repeat, and it’s measuring about nine inches wide when I stretch it out a little. The pattern says that the finished stole should measure fourteen inches relaxed, after blocking, and that seemed a little narrow to me so I’d planned on doing a fourth repeat. But if I can get it to be eighteen inches with three repeats, then I’ll have an extra ball of the yarn to use on another project!

(Not to mention, doing three repeats instead of four seems much more feasible.)

This second picture is huge (2000×1500, about 2.5 MB). I was going to size it down, then thought it would make excellent desktop wallpaper. Here is a direct link for downloading!

(All rights reserved, for personal use only, please do not use this photograph for profit or commercial use, etc.)

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  1. Dawn says:

    Wow! It’s beautiful!

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