In Which the Pirate Focuses.

On Monday night I sat down with the Dancing Cranes stole to knit my two rows for the day. As I got near the end of the first row, I noticed that I only had ten stitches, rather than eleven, between the markers. (The pattern repeats over eleven stitches, so to make it easy I’ve put a million markers in. I mean, one ever eleven stitches. It helps me notice issues like this.) Well, crap! I stared at it for a little while trying to figure out where I’d gone wrong, and eventually decided that I was simply too tired to try to fix it, so I went to bed.

When I woke up on Tuesday morning I had a vision of the problem in my head, and it was as simple as a missed yarnover. So when I got home from work I did a little flip of two stitches below the row I was working, and voila! A yarnover. Then I knit the second row from Monday, and my two rows for the evening, and felt quite accomplished.

By the end of the week I hope to be well into the third and final repeat. I’ll be glad when this project is done! Not that I’m not enjoying working on it, but I really want to block it, take pictures of it, and wear it to that wedding I’m going to in October.

(Whatever shall I do with an extra ball of the Silken Kydd? I’m sure I’ll come up with something beautiful.)

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